Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Report

Didn't make it out for a long fishing trip this weekend. Friday night I fished outside of Mt. Horeb for about an hour with the dog. Fish were hitting fast and furious on white wolly buggers fished downstream close to the undercut banks. We fished from about 6:30-7:30 p.m. and ended up with about 12 brown trout (Biggest was around 14)
Saturday I went and checked out some Bluegill and Crappie spots in the driving snow and wind. Caught a ton of little panfish on a spike and fire-tiger teardrop jig. With the wet/cool spring we have had the big ones still haven't moved in yet. And at this pace I am not 100% sure they will this spring. I only fished for about an hour and caught a good 30 small gills and crappies.
Today I got out at around 6:30-8:00 on Black Earth Creek. The first four casts of the night I landed four small brown trout, which was a great start and a sign of things to come. The fish were smashing x-rap 04 in Rainbow pattern. I didn't catch anything big but most of the fish I caught were in the 13-15 range. Very aggressive strikes and the fish were also very acrobatic. I haven't caught a 20+ inch trout from this stretch of water yet this year which is very surprising. I ended the night catching at least 15-20 trout.

                                                      Denali is ready for his afternoon walk.

                                            Very Colorful Brown that hit a jig Sunday evening.

                                                                 Average size Brown

When fishing Rapalas it is always a good sign when the trout are getting hooked on the first set of trebles. If they fish are constantly swiping the bait or getting barely hooked on the last set of trebles change your presentation. 

                                                                  Very healthy Brown

Pretty good weekend considering the limited amount of fishing time I got in. We are getting a second lab so this weekend we met with the breeder and selected the parents so that took away my fishing time. Can't wait until late June when we can pick up the little one!


  1. I would say that was a very good weekend of fishing if you ask me. Can't always have a run of big ones. Sure nothing wrong with the fish you caught. Those are some fine Brown Trout.

  2. Good point Mel.
    I am getting a bit frustrated lately with the cold, wet and windy spring!! Last year at this point I had 5 trout over 20 inches and this year I am only at 2. I have been doing more exploring the past couple of weeks and less Lunker Hunting also.

  3. Um, some of us would like to catch ONE trout over 20 in. in a whole SEASON!

    And it's not even May...