Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Keeping Trout (interesting article)


Pretty interesting article about the great debate. I don't care what you do..............Spin, Fly, Bait, Catch and Release or keep. I personally keep a couple trout a year for a dinner right after fishing with some potatoes and asparagus, but maybe only 6-9 per year.

He makes a very interesting point early in the article.

"But there's something you ought to know. I am not a trout angler. In fact, I've harbored an irrational dislike of trout for most of my life. It's really not the trout's fault: I avoid them because I don't like trout anglers. Or at least most I've yet met."

I have heard the same thing before when I tell people that I am a avid trout fisherman. They always look at you like you live in a gated community and drive a Bentley. Hopefully we as a group of fisherman can start to change this mold. I always talk to people I will see on the stream to keep the streams code of ethics going and a strong respect between fisherman. Offer people a beer or brat after a long days fishing and walking in the Driftless Area. I always make it a point to introduce myself to people with a out of state license plate and offer them something to eat or drink and see if they need any other area information. Bottom line is Wisconsin is famous for friendliness.................Remember that.


  1. I fly fish mainly for smallmouth down here in NW Illinois, though I make it up to SW Wisconsin for trout ten or twelve times a year. Here are two things that rub me the wrong way when it comes to many of my fellow fly fishers (and I think these go a long way towards explaining why lots of non-fly fishing folks dismiss fly fishing as snobish): 1) Too many fly fishermen tend to dress up for the stream with latest fancy gear and such, like the staged photos you see in the Orvis catalogue (though full disclosure: I have a twenty year-old Orvis rod!), or Grey's Sporting Journal, or whatever it's called, and 2) they tend to think the kind of fishing they do is superior to other kinds of fishing, that it's more complex, technical, refined, noble, whatever, than spin casting, say, when that is just baloney (as anyone who's watched or read In Fisherman, for one example, knows). BUT... one can always typecast too much, of course, and maybe the guy you quote is doing a bit of that. I know from experience that there are plenty of completely down-to-earth and non-pretentious folks in fly fishing! They don't look down at someone for using an ultralight on the trout stream. And these folks, the ones without the arrogance, almost always tend to be the most skillful fly fishers.

  2. I had an experience last year on Timber Coulee Creek in Vernon County where I drove up to a bridge where a couple of fly fishermen were rigging up. I stopped to say hello and they asked me how I'd been doing with the fishing. I told them I'd been slamming the trout on Coon Creek that morning.

    They said "what have you been getting them on?" I said "#9 PM Spinners." They looked at me like I'd just told them I burned their houses down.

    I'm fly fishing more and more this year and hope to help sway the perception of the fly fishing trouter to that of a friendly, local, inviting fellow fisherman.

    It'd be like golfers on a golf course disliking one another, or being unfriendly to one another, because of the type of driver they use on the tee. Crazy.

  3. You know, I fly fished very often for over (30) years. Then for reasons already given here, I quit. Now, I fish a lot with ultra-light spinners and such. My point is that the "fly fishing scene" is what it is and has been for a long time. I don't need the "scene" and am quite happy that I catch fish with a spinner of some sort.

  4. Tom,
    Great analogy with golf and fisherman. Never thought of it that way. I fly fish and spin fish about 90% spin and 10% fly. I just like the change of pace. Mel I agree with you as well I am just happy fishing, but I get frustrated if I am fly fishing and not having the best of luck since I know if I were to be spin fishing I would be have great luck. I totally understand the fly fishing "scene" just like any other type of social group.
    I really got a kick out of this video here. I guess if you haven't really Immersed yourself into fly fishing 100% people might not understand it.

    Check out this video I really enjoyed it.
    "Fly fishing is a joke."

  5. Tom,

    Did you check out that spot on BEC yet?

  6. Yep, I've been there a couple of times now and really like it. Great variety of water. Fast, slow, riffles, plunge pools, bends. Thanks for the recommendation!

  7. I like your outlook Montana of the Midwest. I'm a 27 year old woman who just picked up trout fishing the last couple of years. I like it for the solitude and natural surrounding. A bonus to catch beautiful fish and catch a tan as well. I don't don myself in fancy or flashy fly fishing gear. Maybe a nice pair of waders and a t-shirt.

    Unfortunately, the majority of conversations I've had with fellow stream dwellers are mostly myself defending that I know it's catch-n-release season. I haven't even the chance to arrive on the stream, and these old timers are making it like I don't belong there.

    Well, I'm staying.

  8. Unconventional Trout Unexpert,

    Good on you! I can tell you I've seen more and more women fishing in past few years.


  9. Unconventional,

    Don't even worry about that just like some neighborhoods you might visit. I always say "who gives a shit I have too many friends to begin with"

  10. "I may not agree with you, but I respect your decision. And if you respect my decision to eat my catch, I'd be happy to fish alongside you any day"

    This is what using the outdoors is all about.We are only borrowing the outdoors from mother nature and we all need to get along and work together to preserve it. Not everything can live, thats a fact. Driving a wedge between trout anglers will be the demise of trout and thats for sure. Fantastic article

  11. I keep every single trout that is of size and is bleeding. The raccoons can find their own food. I was brow beaten for years for keeping trout and then I seriously cut my keeps for about 5 years. It made me feel like a hypocrite. Trout fishing is NOT golf. You don't discard the trout when you are done "playing" with them.

  12. Len,

    good point I do the same thing. I forgot to mention that earlier. If I know for a fact a trout is not going to make it I will eat it that night. This year we are going to try to have shore lunches. Doesn't happen all that often thou.