Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 Deer Season in review

Well the 2011 traditional 9 day deer hunt has closed. You still can harvest deer with a Muzzleloader until December 7th and Bow until January 8th. For rifle hunters there is a antler-less deer hunt which runs December 8th-11th.
This year we was another very successful deer hunt for us. We hunt in Northern Grant County with around 30 others from the area and 6 that make the trip every year from Mississippi. Total we shot around 27 deer in the group out of roughly 1,600 acres that we lease and hunt. This year the numbers seemed to be up slightly from last year (WI season numbers reflect that +3%)we averaged about 6 sightings per sit. Opening morning we always stand hunt until noon and stand hunt the final 2 hours of day light through the week. During the afternoon we plan and coordinate a number of very detailed drives which always produce. Some very nice bucks were taken this year (2 wall hangers) and we passed on many smaller bucks. We all love to eat vension and use that as our primary source of meat throughout the year. I harvested two does and a 11 pointer so supply enough meat for the family.

Another safe and successful season!
Now back to bird/small game and ice fishing.

Friday, November 11, 2011

7 days from Wisconsin deer season!

Well we are only 7 days away! Today during my lunch I headed over to the Dane County Sheriff facility for the annual Dane County Sheriff sight in. This year I am shooting a new rifle a 30.06 Remington 7600 pump rifle. Had a 1 inch grouping of three shots at 50 yards dead center so the gun is ready! Last weekend we finalized stand locations on the property in Grant County and I am very excited about my stand placement this year! I am located on a large saddle ridge that runs down into a deep wooded valley all mature hardwoods with corn and brushy edges on all sides. Tons of great trails and buck sign all over!

Wish everyone a successful and SAFE hunt!
Little one I shot during the October antler-less hunt.......... Not proud of this at all but sure will taste good!