Sunday, September 25, 2011

Great last trout fishing trip

Headed out to my new personal favorite trout stream today. This is the little unmarked stream that runs through my friends hunting property. Fishing was very good today catching a ton of brook and brown trout. Most of the fish were 13-18 inches, but I ended the season stopping at a bridge on Black Earth Creek on the way home and caught a 22 inch Rainbow. Trout were just slamming Rapalas today and even small trout I was reeling in. I had a HUGE brown at least 25+ inches try to inhale the small brook trout pictured below. I had a video of the Big rainbow and a nice 18 inch brown from today I have to figure out how to post those.

Oh yeah and I had to take a trip to the ER! While unhooking the big Rainbow she got a treble hook nice and deep in my left hand! That is always fun.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Caught two 20 inch trout today after work (Pictures)

Landed a 20 inch brown and a 21 inch rainbow today after work. Ran home changed really quick grabbed my trout rod (with a rainbow trout Rapala flat rap) and out the door.
Pretty nice living so close to a world class trout stream.
Only got pictures of the Rainbow since I didn't bring my camera and I was forced to keep this big rainbow. The thing inhaled the Rapala and was bleeding pretty bad.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor day trout fishing

Fished Vernon and Crawford counties today with my cousin Martin. We targeted the Gays Mills area looking for Brooks and Browns on a truly perfect day high of 68 and sunny. Although it is not the ideal trout trout fishing weather the area surrounding Gays Mills is utterly beautiful! We caught a good number of trout with a bunch of average sized fish. My cousin got his second inland sweep today and I ended the day with the biggest trout with a 18 inch brown torut. About 60 percent of the fish were caught on night crawlers with the rest on spinners. I got some really nice pictures but my laptop is currently down so it might be awhile until I get the pictures uploaded.
The air was very cool this morning and some of the trees are starting to change colors. This means only a couple weeks left in Wisconsin's inland trout season. Salmon and migratory trout are starting to stage on the Great Lakes tributaries. So get out now why you still can!
I need to fish Crawford County more really a world class area to fish. I have Sauk, Iowa, Dane, Grant and a part of Richland county pretty much covered. Now it is time to explore that area even more next year.