Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor day trout fishing

Fished Vernon and Crawford counties today with my cousin Martin. We targeted the Gays Mills area looking for Brooks and Browns on a truly perfect day high of 68 and sunny. Although it is not the ideal trout trout fishing weather the area surrounding Gays Mills is utterly beautiful! We caught a good number of trout with a bunch of average sized fish. My cousin got his second inland sweep today and I ended the day with the biggest trout with a 18 inch brown torut. About 60 percent of the fish were caught on night crawlers with the rest on spinners. I got some really nice pictures but my laptop is currently down so it might be awhile until I get the pictures uploaded.
The air was very cool this morning and some of the trees are starting to change colors. This means only a couple weeks left in Wisconsin's inland trout season. Salmon and migratory trout are starting to stage on the Great Lakes tributaries. So get out now why you still can!
I need to fish Crawford County more really a world class area to fish. I have Sauk, Iowa, Dane, Grant and a part of Richland county pretty much covered. Now it is time to explore that area even more next year.

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