Sunday, September 25, 2011

Great last trout fishing trip

Headed out to my new personal favorite trout stream today. This is the little unmarked stream that runs through my friends hunting property. Fishing was very good today catching a ton of brook and brown trout. Most of the fish were 13-18 inches, but I ended the season stopping at a bridge on Black Earth Creek on the way home and caught a 22 inch Rainbow. Trout were just slamming Rapalas today and even small trout I was reeling in. I had a HUGE brown at least 25+ inches try to inhale the small brook trout pictured below. I had a video of the Big rainbow and a nice 18 inch brown from today I have to figure out how to post those.

Oh yeah and I had to take a trip to the ER! While unhooking the big Rainbow she got a treble hook nice and deep in my left hand! That is always fun.


  1. Nice way to end a season, that is with the exception of that hook in your hand, OUCH!! Hurts me just to see it.

  2. Yeah bitter sweet landing a 22 inch rainbow for the last fish of the year, but having that same fish throw a hook into your thumb that required a ER visit and four stitches to remove the damn thing.

  3. Yikes, 4 stitches! Great looking fish. Need some super basic editing advice for the video shoot me an email.