Monday, August 22, 2011

Trout fishing report 8-20-2011

Whenever I see a forecast for a high of 72 with rain in August I will go trout fishing! My cousin Martin wanted to go with so we hit the road at around 4:45 am. Driving West the weather got worse and we ran into a couple pretty decent sized thunderstorms. I wanted to check out at least 3 new streams, but because of the rain I figured they might be blown out so we headed down to Big Spring Creek for a bit until the weather settled a bit. We did very well on Big Spring catching a good number of fish including having my Cousin Martin catching his first inland sweep (brown, brook, bow.
We decided to check out a small stream that is not listed that runs through a friends property in Northern Grant County. I have never seen it before, but he swears it is full of nice trout (he is not a fisherman at all) We pull up to his driveway and head down the valley until we reach the water. I look over at my cousin and say "JACKPOT" the stream just looks amazing and is full of brookies with some browns mixed in. We didn't catch and monster, but we did see a huge Brown and Brookie swipe at the Panther Martins. We kept 3 each ranging from 12-14 inches and headed out. Dropped off a 12 pack of Capital Brewery Fest and got to talking with my buddy and he said anytime we wanna head back there to go for it. Just gotta give him a call during the bow season so he knows we are down near the stream. I have hunted here with him and his Dad for many years and never even knew this stream was back there.
I have a feeling some monster Browns will run up this gem to spawn in the fall since it runs into a well know large stream about 2 miles away. Would not shock me if we caught a tiger in here either with the mix of Brookies and Browns.

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