Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fished Richland County today

Today I fished Richland County with my cousin who is learning quickly how to trout fish. We picked out 4 new streams to try and all of them were pretty good. Access issues on one which allowed us to only fish under the bridge which was still productive, but I would love to find the land owner and see if I would be able fish on his property.
Got up early this morning and we were fishing by 7:00 a.m. trout were very active all day catching them on spinners, jigs and stick baits. Water temps were in the upper 40's and reached the 50's while we were fishing later in the afternoon. I would consider the streams we fished to be action streams we caught well over 50 fish and saw tons of them. Biggest Brown was around 15-16 inches and we caught a good number is this size. Biggest Brookie was around 11 inches and only caught two all day.
Richland County has well over 300 miles of Class 1 and 2 trout streams miles. Why I don't fish up here more I don't know, but I need to start making my way over here more.

                                                                      The Brookies

                                                                    Martin with a Brown
                                                                      Me with a Brown
                                                       Double header!  We had a bunch of these
                                                               Couple underwater practice shots


  1. Those underwater shots are tough, practice makes perfect.

  2. Those are some nice fish. I live over in Richland County and I still haven't covered half of the streams. So many holes so little time! Nice underwater pics...makes me wish I was a trout.

  3. Another productive day that is for sure. As always, enjoyed the pictures. Those underwater shots are really growing on me.

  4. one of these days I will get a really good one just need to keep at it. The streams I fished today are what I would call action streams. Feels like you are walking on wild trout in these waters. Three of the four we checked out I would call "gems" and I will fish again. Planning on hitting them at night to see if any big boys live in there. I was happy with never fishing these streams before and catching that many trout, we just had to change presentations a few times to keep on them.

  5. Those underwater shots are fantastic!!!

  6. Thanks!!

    Still need a ton of practice. For 1 decent underwater picture you need to take like 15 other pictures.