Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Night Rainbows

With the terrible weather last night my dog didn't receive the necessary exercise that he needed yesterday. Got home from work and headed down the street to a local park that has a old rock quarry that now is basically a spring pond. Let the pup running around a swim for awhile. The DNR stocks this pond with rainbows and some browns every year so I brought the ultra-light. The fishing was pretty good I caught 15 Rainbows and 1 Brown in about 1.5 hours.
There was a father and son fishing down the bank about 100 feet who didn't have a bite for about an hour. I helped them out and rigged them up what I was using (small float with an ice jig and wax worm) they started catching some fish right away. It was great to see the 10 year old kid having a blast catching the stocked rainbows.
That made my day!

                                                 A few rainbows from early in the evening


  1. lol.. your dog in that last picture looks like he's thinking "put down that damn trout and throw my decoy!"

  2. You know what is funny that is exactly what we were doing. I threw it out for him, looked over and the bobber was down. Reel in the rainbow and there he is wagging his tail wanting me to throw it again.

  3. Good looking dog. Gotta love a Lab. Where exactly is this fishing spot? I'd love to have something that looks that convenient near me.