Sunday, April 3, 2011

Driftless Report this past weekend and today (Video and pictures)

Well sorry I haven't posted in awhile work has been crazy, I hate starting a new job so much to learn and not enough time to process the information.
Anyways......... That will not stop my from fishing a few times. Last weekend 3/27/2011 I wanted to catch some Native brookies. So I went to a small stream near my house to get that fix in. The weather was cold started off in the upper 20's and only reached about 31 degrees. Started using a Rapala X04 X-rap with only a couple of takers. I switched to a panther martin, but that produced the same results. Tied on a white jig and the brookies went nuts. Caught over 40 brookies many of them small, but a couple nice ones with a 13 incher to end the day.

                                                           Small Brook Trout stream
                                                                 First cast = first fish
                                                 Underwater shot (you can see the rapala)
                                                           Downstream stream shot
                                            Biggest Brook Trout of the day and the last fish.
                                                        They sure are fat little bastards
The trout were smashing jigs

I also did some brown trout fishing on the old trusty BEC nothing huge to speak of, but I had steady action all day long. Water was very clear and the trout were bitting on stick baits, spinners and jigs. I fished BEC today on 4/3/2011 and 3/27/2011beside the browns I caught I also got a really nice 22 inch rainbow caught on a jig I posted that video below. So far this spring jigs have treated me very well!

Brownie on a rainbow pattern RX04
                               This 16 inch brown took a #6 panther martin gold with a red tail.
                                This fat brown hit a panther martin #6 regular sliver and yellow
                                                          Very colorful Brown Trout

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  1. Love the pictures. Those underwater shots are phenomenal! Keep up the good work!