Friday, April 15, 2011

Brown Trout considered a invasive species in Virginia?

                                                        How would this fly in the Driftless?

"Any angler who catches a brown trout longer than 7 inches is obliged to keep it. Any angler who catches a brown trout shorter than 7 inches is forbidden from keeping it, but also forbidden from putting it back. Instead, the trout “must be disposed of away from the stream and away from park roads or trails.”

Apparently some people in Virginia can't see the damage they have done to the cold water fisheries there. Today most of the states trout fishing opportunities are found in the far Western portion of the state in the mountains. Just like many other Eastern States trout streams have been taking a hit with acid rains, warm water temps and logging practices. Making the water less conducive for the native brook trout.
Brown Trout were introduced to provide a "supplemental" sport fishery where the habitat is suitable for them and in some streams now have wild populations. I totally understand protecting the native species, but some of this sounds just nuts.

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  1. I do have to scratch my head on this one. Brown Trout are not native in Idaho either. But, we have them, and they are a great trout. I love chasin' big Brownies!