Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Fishing

Fished with my cousin Martin today from about 7 til 1:30ish. Fished a new stream in Northern Grant County today and two other small streams that we fish often. Caught a good amount of fish 30+ with a good amount of really nice browns and brookies.
I had a 20ish inch Brown on for a good two minutes got her all the way to the bank. I was fishing up on a high bank and instead of jumping into the water to land the fish I was lazy and try to lift it out of the water, but the hooks came out. Very Very skinny brown, but long and it didn't fight all that much. I am thinking it might have been freshly stocked.
There was a MASSIVE little black hatch going on all morning. We caught a bunch of fish on Rapala's today and some on spinners.

                                                          Martin fishing one of the streams
                                                  I love this stream! Loaded with big trout
                                                  Martin with a very nice colorful Brookie
                                                               A pretty nice Brown trout
                                                              Another super fat Brown


  1. Good job, guys. What a way to spend your Easter day.

  2. I fished vernon and richland county for the first time this weekend, was the most amazing day. Your lucky to live alot closer then me. Nice trip, and nice browns.

  3. Fantastic shots! The brookie is gorgeous and the brown looks really beastie. Well done.