Saturday, May 7, 2011

Opening morning SLAM

Got out fishing from 5:30am-2:30pm with my cousin Martin. Fished in Dane, Iowa and Grant counties. Fish were hitting from the first cast and didn't stop until we left. We caught over 70 fish out of 5 different streams today and the great thing is that all but one fish was hooked right in the mouth. Fished with worms, spinners, stickbaits and jigs.
I also got check by the game warden for the first time ever trout fishing. Warden Frost out in Iowa County stopped in to check and make sure we were legal. We talked for awhile about the fishing reports from the area since he was bridge hoping checking people. Good amount of people out today but not many at all on the Category 5 streams.
The streams we fished are considered action streams and they don't hold many trophy trout, although I did have a dandy on. I got a really nice brookie (pictured below) and most trout were in the 9-13 inch range. I didn't keep any today but my cousin Martin took home two (one was hooked deep). Really productive opening morning and I plan on fishing tomorrow morning as well.


                                                                          Brook Trout


                                                                    Real nice brookie
Martin with a Brown
Best underwater of the day


  1. That's a great looking bow you guys got. Congrats on the opening day slammer!

  2. A Slam on the Opening Day! I wonder what the rest of the season holds for you. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Blake sorry I haven't gotten back to your email yet. Totally forget about that, we will have get out some time soon. We are pretty sure that was a stream born Rainbow looking at the fins and how good of shape it was in. That stream has classified wild rainbows in it.