Sunday, May 1, 2011

Early season ends tonight at midnight!! I had to get a quick fix in today.

Fished with the dog today for like 35 minutes. Took him on a long walk and brought the ultra-light with just to cast a couple times before the season ends at Midnight tonight (re-opens May 7th for regular season).
They must have just stocked some of the area streams with rainbows. I caught a couple from each hole I fished today. Caught like 12 rainbows and two smaller wild browns.

                                       He is ready to roll (His birthday was yesterday! 2 years old)
                                                              Colorful Rainbow Trout
                                                                 Another Colorful Rainbow

                                 Also saw a younger Bald Eagle flying around outside of Cross Plains.

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  1. Looking good! Here is to many Happy Hook Ups during regular season.