Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Black Earth Creek Cutt-Bow?

Well I can't recall if I have ever told this story. Starting about 3-4 years ago I started to catch rainbow trout with the trademark orange/red slashes under the gill plates. Never had a camera on me at that time so people looked at me like I was nuts. I have fished out West plenty of times before and I have caught my fair share of cutt-bows. Last fall I hooked into a large trout 21 inches showing some gorgeous fall colors. Landed the trout and noticed the same trademark slashes! This time I did have a camera with me. This was at least the third trout I have caught showing these marks.

Got home called Nevin Fish Hatchery to try and gather more information. Reached someone there and transferred me to I believe it was Wild Rose Hatchery. Spoke with a guy there for a couple of minutes. I told him my story and he was very intrigued. He knew exactly what batch of rainbow trout I was referring to. He did state they were showing signs (hatching times, Growth rates, etc..) of not being the traditional rainbow. He also said that when the tanks were getting inspected someone make a passing comment of "nice cutt-bows" but he really didn't think anything of it. After talking for a couple more minutes he just said well congrats you have the state record cutt-bow in my mind.

I have spoken with a number of other people at "On The Creek" (best shop around) fly shop here in Cross Plains that have observed the same thing.

I just think that is very interesting...............


  1. It is a beautiful fish. Looks like a Cut-Bow too me!

  2. I wouldn't mind catching one of those in BEC! i've personally never seen anything like that out there, but out west i've caught many cutbows and looks just like a cutbow to me!

  3. Don't put your fingers in the fish's gills. That's just common sense.