Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fishing report

Well I have to take a couple of weeks off of real serious fishing since I aggravated my Achilles tendon that I tore while playing college football. Could barely walk for a few days, but it is starting to feel better now. The ice cold water of a trout stream is great for the healing process. I did some easy bridge fishing on Friday night with my dog and the browns were going nuts. Caught a number of 14-17 inch fish during the hour and 20 minute trip on Black Earth Creek.
Also took out the Kayak on lake Mendota today (very windy) and brought along the ultra-light and caught some Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass which was a blast.

I think after another week of taking it easy I will be able to start really getting after it again. I will be making a trip up north on June 2nd and 3rd hopefully to Boom Lake. Looking for some Musky, Walleye and Pike with my family.

Let the injury heal and back to chasing large trophy fish.


  1. nursing an injury is never fun, rest up and we will see you back out on the water, don't worry the fish will still be there!

  2. I agree with Blake. Take your time, get to feeling better, those fish aren't going anywhere! Sounds like you have it covered.

  3. Thanks guys,
    Over the weekend I will most likely just do some dock fishing for Northern Pike up at the in-laws place on Lake Puckaway. There is a couple of other spots that are easy to fish on area rivers and streams. But it will most likely just be sitting on the dock with a couple of Spotted cows and casting spoons. Can't wait until I can hit the streams hard again!