Saturday, May 14, 2011

Got out Bass Fishing Today

I do not only fish for trout, I do a lot of warm water species fishing as well. With how cool and wet this spring as been things are running about 2 weeks late. Success in fishing and hunting for any species is largely dependent on understanding seasonal game movements. Normally this time of the year water temps would be nearing 65-70 degrees and large bass move into shallow bays and channels.
I love using slow finesse style plastics like tubes, flukes and power worms. I headed to a local stream where during the late spring early summer LARGE small and large mouth bass move in and hold for a few weeks to spawn. 5 pound bass are common, in fact last year on mothers day my friend Tony Lawler and I caught and released 5 bass over 4 pounds in a 1 hour period.
By next weekend the bass should be ready to roll. Still a little early with the cold water temps. I did catch a large number of 13-15 inch male largemouth bass and saw 1 big female. They were hitting 4 inch black and purple power worm rigged Carolina style. With a beautiful week ahead water should warm up enough to get the fish moving into the shallows. Some fish are there already, but most are smaller males.

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  1. i love the bass fishing also, seems like since i started to fly fish it has become more like the step child to me