Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is what I am packing

Wisconsin trout season (catch and release) opens in just 10 days. I got my spin fishing chest pack all ready to go. Still have to run down to "On the creek" fly shop to pick up some patterns this coming weekend.
For the spin pack I carry 4 boxes containing a bunch of different lures in different sizes and patterns/colors.

 Box #1 - This is my "go to" box that I keep in the front compartment. Contains spinners, spoons, stick baits and some jigs.

Box #2 - Is nothing but stick baits and plugs. I keep this box in the back compartment since it is pretty large.
Box #3 - Double sided box loaded with nothing but spinners, spoons and a couple blade baits.

Box #4 - Is my jig box containing grubs and other soft plastics, road runners and small crappie jigs.

I think I have the bases covered.
And you can find me here for the first 2 hours of the season until I move on.
Saturday will be hunting browns.
Sunday will be hunting browns and brook trout with a few rainbows mixed in.


  1. Thanks for sharing a look inside your chest pack and all your lures. I love fishing Rapala's. I see you have several. Of course, spinner fishing can be great also. Happy hook ups!

  2. Mel,
    I pack a ton of different Rapala's.
    Spinners and spoons work great around here also, but I catch a lot of big trout on jigs the first couple weeks of the season.

  3. dang..
    you carry more to the stream than I do.