Sunday, February 27, 2011

First pools to hit

Here are some of the first pools I will be hitting next weekend. Big browns and brookies hold in these year round. Very close to a large spring so water temperature should be nice and steady.

      This pools gets well over 6 foot deep. Has Monsters in it for such a small western Dane County stream.
Same stream about 100 yards up. Just keeps going from very narrow and fast to wide and deep with about 10 pools like these.

                                            Closer to the head water springs is brookie country.


  1. Sure got my appetite up for some early season fishing. Good luck with yours!

  2. They look deep and very slow, how would you go about fishing them?

  3. Yes, very slow and very deep. Fly Fishing I am going to use a large black and purple wolly bugger down deep and slow. Spin fishing slow rolling large spinners or slow rolling a 2-3 inch grub or sinking rapala. Really depends on the weather. If it gets around 40-45 the fish will really turn on and be willing to chase a bait more.