Saturday, February 26, 2011

2010 stocking data updated

The Wisconsin DNR has recently updated the 2010 trout stocking data into the database. Take a look to see if your favorite rivers and streams received any supplemental stocking.
* There are 4,136 miles of Class 1 "blue ribbon" trout streams in Wisconsin; which require no stocking since natural reproduction is at carrying capacity.Wisconsin leads the nation in high-quality trout stream miles!
* There are 4,644 miles of Class 2 trout streams in Wisconsin. Streams in this classification may have some natural reproduction, but not enough to utilize available food and space. Therefore, stocking is required to maintain a desirable sport fishery. These streams have good survival and carryover of adult trout, often producing some fish larger than average size.
*  There are 1,591 miles of Class 3 trout streams in Wisconsin and they comprise 15% of Wisconsin's total trout stream mileage. These waters are marginal trout habitat with no natural reproduction occurring. They require annual stocking of trout to provide trout fishing. Generally, there is no carryover of trout from one year to the next.

Keep in mind these are named and designated trout stream numbers. Within the last 15 years trout populations are booming in the Badger State. There are some streams that now have trout swimming in them that haven't had them in 20+ years.
Trout now inhabit lower sections of large river complexes which in the past were too warm to have trout. Now that is where the big boys hide.

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