Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Mepps XD

Mepps has recently come out with a new line of spinners. They look similar to a Panther Martin, but they have some interesting colors and patterns. I picked up 4 of these spinners and will test them out next weekend. The colors I purchased (rainbow trout, brown trout, sliver and black & gold.)
Personally I am a Panther Martin guy, but I will give these a try. The old Mepps did not run well in current or other types of obstructions such as rocky or weedy bottom situations.



  1. Haven't been a Mepps fan, either. Look forward to your review after fishing this spinner.

  2. the See Best line is being phased out. I recommend buying some of them in a size 3. the gold blade with yellow spots and the silver blade with white spots.