Sunday, June 26, 2011

Spring Lake Float Tubing (Report)

My cousin and I wanted to do some exploring on a collection of about 7 spring lakes an hour north of my house. Wisconsin has many small spring lakes that can offer great fishing.
We really wanted to get a good idea on what types of fisheries these lakes are. Most spring lakes that I fish hold a good number of nice panfish, gamefish and in about half of them trout. We brought 4 dozen nightcrawlers and a collection of smaller lures.
The first lake we fished looked great right from the start. Very odd shaped lake almost looked like a river. This lake has many springs located around and according to the DNR website this lake has panfish, pike and bass (all common). Very first cast I made jigging with a half of a nightcrawler over some deeper cabbage I landed a small pike. We ended up catching about 12 Pike ranging from 20-26 inches and getting bit off by two pike that were in the 30's. Also caught a bunch of Bluegills, Perch, Crappies and Green Sunfish. Only caught one bass out of this lake which was about 14 inches.
The second lake was bigger and MUCH deeper. According to the DNR this lake has bass, trout, panfish, pike and walleye. Again the bass, panfish and pike were active here as well. My cousin had a massive pike hit a bluegill he was reeling in and I had a very large brown trout chase a small perch I was reeling in. We found a very nice sized school of crappies holding tight in some weeds.

We drove around and looked at two other lakes nearby and they all looked really good. Now that we know what these lakes are all about we are gonna target the larger fish.

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  1. Sure sounds like some serious fishing time should be given these spring lakes. Sounds like quality water and quality fish. Perfect for the float tube angler. Keep us posted!