Saturday, June 11, 2011

Back on the Creek

Finally was able to trout fish again. Ankle is feeling much better and I wanted to test it out today. Fished one of my favorite Brook Trout streams which does hold a couple of 20+ browns. Water was super clear and the fish were very active. I started the day off by fishing with my dog around Cross Plains and caught two nice 17 inch brown trout.
Later in the afternoon I headed further West to my favorite stream. Fish were hammering Rapalas and Jigs, but they wouldn't touch the spinners. I also tried out my new Rapala Flat Rap and I absolutely love it! I have one in Rainbow Trout pattern and the browns loved it. They have a great action and run a bit shallower so you can fish fast shallow water efficiently. Fished from 5-7 and caught a bunch of fish. That cold water sure did make my ankle feel much better and it held up on the rocks! Ended with a 50/50 mix of browns and brooks.
Ran into a couple of other anglers at the a bridge upstream of me (first time I have ever seen anyone else here) and I spoke with them for awhile and they said they caught a couple.
Tomorrow I am thinking about taking the float tube out on Mendota for some Smallmouth Bass action!


  1. Sounds like a "more than successful" return to trout fishing water. Still unable to locate any of the Rapala X-Rap's in the small sizes at the local fishing shack. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  2. Mel you might have to order them online. Well worth it in my eyes.

  3. Pretty looking fish,and nice looking water too.

  4. Richard do you guys have Brook Trout over there at all?