Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Holiday Weekend Fishing Report

I spent the holiday weekend up at my in-laws cabin on Lake Puckaway in Central Wisconsin. I got up there later on Friday around 4:00 pm and did some fishing off the pier since we didn't have the boat up there. I caught two smaller pike (14 inches and 21 inches) on a #5 gold Mepps Aglia. This lagoon they are located on has produced some monster pike in the 40 inch range the past three years. I noticed that some large bass were hanging around. Switch tactics and went with a large 10 inch black power worm rigged Carolina system. That produce a number of very nice 3-5 pound LM Bass. Over weekends like Labor Day, The Fourth and Memorial Day I traditional will only fish a bit and spend more time with the family and drinking beer. Great weekend and had some good luck considering I didn't put more than 1.5 hours of fishing in. I leave to head up North for a short fishing trip right after work tomorrow so I will have a report when I return.

I have a nice picture of a Bass I caught this weekend that I will post. That is on my Wife's camera since I totally forgot mine.

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