Saturday, June 18, 2011

Float Tube fishing!!!

Got out on my float tube today on Lake Mendota. Pretty comical having boats come up to me asking what the hell I was fishing in, that occurrence happens all the time around here. I normally don't go very far from shore since there is always a fair amount of boat traffic on the Madison Lakes.
Today I was going out targeting Smallmouth Bass. I caught 3 big drum, 12 rock bass, 14 smallies (biggest was 14 inches) and about 10 Largemouth bass (all were 16-19 inches)
I also tried for some famous Mendota Bluegills with no luck. Bass were hitting white grub jigs, night crawlers and small power worms. The water has really warmed up over the past ten days and the temps are currently in the middle 70's. Reports that I have been hearing is that the bluegills still haven't spawned so hopefully I still have a chance at some 10 inch gills.

I love fishing out of the float tube! Pretty funny talking with guys who own $30,000 rigs and after talking with me they want a float tube.

I fish the 10,000 acre Lake Mendota and small 15 acre wilderness lakes up north. I have also floated Rivers with great success.

I also have a couple of videos from today. I just need to learn how to upload them and I will have posted on here as well.

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  1. You don't have to sell me on Float Tubing. I rode around in mine for (30) years. Great approach to fishing lakes. Sure sounds like you had some really good Bass fishing today. Good luck on getting after some of those big Bluegills.