Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Rapala Flat Rap" review

No I am not a Rapala sales rep............... No I am not getting any type of kickbacks for promoting Rapala lures (although I should).
Like many others I believe in Rapala for providing a quality fish catching work of art. The latest lure that I have purchased and tested out for trout was the "Rapala Flat Rap". The first thing you will notice is the flat sides and the tri-angle style lip. The bait swims with a very hard flashing motion, much more aggressive than the original floating minnow. This bait also really only runs 1-2 feet deep allowing you to fish faster runs without hindering the intended movements of the lure. The only drawback is after constantly banging this bait off the rocks one of the lips did bust after an afternoon of fishing. That has only happened once so I doubt that is going to be a consistent issue.
The baits I have are 2 1/2 inches long and cast VERY well, I have them in Brook, Brown, Rainbow trout patterns as well as the traditional Sliver and Gold colors.

Check out all the patterns at this link:

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  1. Ive broken off the bills on some other types of rapalas before, but normally just after throwing them hard into a wall or a rock. Never been the best caster. Flat raps sure are sexy!