Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Fishing report

Air temp 38-46 degrees
Water Temp @ 11:00am 44 degrees

Fished the famous BEC Saturday morning. Great morning I got up at 7:00 but the temps were in the 20's still, so I went back to sleep until 8:30. Got to the section of stream at 8:37 and I was fishing by 9:00, sure is great living a couple steps from the stream. First cast of the day with the Rapala x-rap XR4 in rainbow trout pattern was crushed by a nice fat 14 inch brown. Worked the pool for a few more cast than I switched to a panther martin #6 gold with a red tail, crushed by a fat 12 inch brown. Switched to a white road runner and caught a small 9 inch rainbow. So in the same pool I caught 3 trout on three different presentations. I will now slow down a bit and throw multiple presentations into good looking pools from now on. Worked my way upstream seeing deer, turkeys, sandhill cranes and a pheasant. I picked up about 8 more nice browns from 12-15 inches. This stretch of water is really beautiful and holds a good number of trout with some monsters swimming around.
My buddy Ty called me and asked where he should fish in the afternoon. I put him on the same stretch of water that I fished earlier in the morning. He had some good luck catching 15 trout on a sinking brown trout Rapala with a 22 inch monster brown.

I wanted to practice some underwater pictures today, but I completely forget to charge the camera and ran out of juice after turning it on for the first picture. Good thing I didn't catch any monsters.

Water is super clear and running at a perfect level. I spoke with a few fly fisherman at the South Valley Road Bridge and they didn't have any luck. Further Down stream spoke with a guy who was using spinners and said he caught some small brook trout (doubt that, most likely small colorful browns)

We got some good rains last night and this morning and all area streams are totally blown out. Snow pack is about 98% gone, just some pockets on the north facing slopes and deep valleys. Sounds like we are going to get more rain Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I have Thursday-Sunday off and plan on doing some fishing. I will have to focus my efforts on smaller headwater systems.

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  1. Just checking in for a weekend report. Sounds like you had a good trip. Always encouraging when a fish slams your lure on one of your initial casts.