Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My trout fishing bucket list

1.) Gila Trout - A native to the southwestern part of the country the Gila trout is listed as an endangered species in Arizona and New Mexico. The species is making a come back, but progress is slow. In a historic event the first Gila Trout harvest season is open for the Frye Mesa Reservoir in Arizona.

                                                                          Gila Trout

2.) Golden Trout - Also known as the California Golden Trout. This species is native to California and normally found above 10,000 feet in elevation. Golden Trout have been introduced to other states in the Western US, but Golden Trout numbers have been declining for years. I plan of chasing them in the Big Horn mountains of Wyoming this summer during a 4 day weekend.

                                                                         Golden Trout

3.) Bull Trout - Like the Native "trout" in Wisconsin (Brook & Lake) this species is not a trout, but in the char family. Native to the Northwestern part of the country this species is also classified as a threatened species in Washington, Montana, Idaho and Oregon.

                                                                           Bull Trout

4.) Greenback Cutthroat Trout - The state fish of Colorado, and also classified as a threatened species. Today this fish only occupies 1% of it's native waters. Mainly found in the Arkansas and South Platte River basins.

                                                                 Greenback Cutthroat

There are over 14 subspecies of cutthroat trout alone. Many other species of trout beside the common rainbow, brook and brown trout. I hope to see these fish in person before either I pass or they perish from the earth.


  1. Very, very nice. The golden trout is so colourful?

  2. Yeah the Goldens are super colorful. Google some images of them it's insane.

  3. That golden trout looked amazing! I caught a bull trout once on the snake and was sad I did cause I knew it was endangered. It was cool to see one in the wild. I was able to release it while not taking it out of the water

  4. Nice bucket list...I wouldn't mind seeing a few of those up close and personal! :)

  5. Only caught a couple bulls out of the bucket list, out of the west fk. of the Jarbidge. And I worked for them!