Sunday, March 13, 2011

Uncle Marty's 1st trout

Had a group of 4 out fishing today in Grant County. Blue Bird skies and ultra clear water made the fishing tough, but we caught about 25 trout today with no monsters. Today was my Uncle Marty's first trout fishing trip. Teaching people how to read the water and stalk the streams is always fun. Casting takes time for the first timers to learn (fly or spin) making precise, low casts isn't easy. Uncle Marty started to get the hang of it later in the afternoon once I gave him my rod to use. He caught some browns and one real nice fat wild brown that put on a great fight.  The other guys had some good luck also catching some nice browns and brook trout. I did more guiding for the family than fishing, but I still ended up catching around 10 on a very limited amount of fishing time. Everyone really seems to enjoy trout fishing so hopefully they will continue. Had wildlife all over the place today! Turkeys are starting to fan out in the fields!

                                                                Uncle Marty's first trout

                                                               Uncle Marty's biggest trout

Next weekend I am going to do some serious trout fishing up in Richland/Crawford counties. I will not be taking any beginners on this trip, I just need to hit the streams hard with maybe another experienced trout angler.

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  1. Uncle Mary looks like a season angler as far as the photo takes show. Good luck this next week and look forward to your post about it.