Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Year round fishing and no trout stamp?

Some interesting questions will be rised during this years spring hearings. One of these topics will be to get rid of the salmon and trout stamp program and just roll these costs into one fishing license fee. They are also looking into having no closed gamefish season....... And not to mention a Sandhill Crane hunt.

What are your thoughts?

More info at the link below



  1. Hey Mike,

    These are interesting proposals. The fisherman in me likes the idea of a year-round fishing season, but the naturalist in me thinks the break in the season during spawning and fingerling development is one reason we have such a good trout fishery. Could be baloney, I don't know if there are definitive answers on that.

    As for the trout stamp, I like that there's a little something extra required of anglers to be able to fish inland trout. You get what you pay for, and as long as the trout stamp money is going toward improving the health of trout habitat, I'm all for paying a little more. You get what you pay for.

    Nice fat Rainbow you caught yourself there!

    Tom Anderson-Brown

  2. Tom,

    I'm in the same boat as you. I feel like we need to protect the fish during the spawn to keep the resources we have strong. It would be intresting to see if they get rid of the trout stamp program. How much money would the dnr set aside for stream projects, stocking, etc.....

  3. I wouldn't mind being able to fish year round. And I would definitely enjoy hunting cranes come fall, and i see so many cranes while goose duck hunting etc that i think a controlled harvest could be a good thing. Even if it's like turkeys in that you have to get tags for each one

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