Saturday, March 10, 2012


Got out today for 2 hours and it was a total bust! Caught four 13 inch browns. Wind drove me nuts....... Guests had to have gotten to 40 mph. The high sun also didn't help but whatever I did find some nice spots to jump shot ducks this fall.
I started out fishing Trout creek in Iowa County. Years ago this was a great stream and now I can't say the same....... Very disappointing to see what has happened to this system. Where the creek use to have a great hard gravel bottom now is buried under slit and sand. This creek needs some major rehab to return to glory.
After that I just drove around to do some scouting. Found one new stream that might have some potential but we will see.

On a side note I did see a Fisher Cat! Third one I've seen in two years in Southwestern WI. Much like the Black Bears they also must be expanding their range. Sandhills cranes are starting to reappear in large numbers. Also saw a huge coyote and turkey, deer and 1 pheasant.

I hope I can get out and fish tomorrow night for and hour or two.

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