Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Deer hunting

Well hunting season has officially started for me. This weekend I spent some time hunting for deer during the first gun deer hunt in Wisconsin this fall. This hunt is a antler-less only deer hunt. I went up and hunted in Richland County with two friends on about 450 acres of private hardwoods.
Saw a ton of wildlife sitting in the stand Saturday morning and also had two deer come right in before shooting light. Heard my buddy shoot from his stand about 300 yards away so I get down and start still hunting towards him. About 70 yards from my stand I jump 5 deer and I got one........... Of course it was the smallest one in the group.
Another friend of mine was out turkey hunting and got one in the afternoon and another friend shot one with his bow while deer hunting.

I couldn't hunt on Sunday, but the report back was both guys saw about 6-7 deer. Both were bow hunting today and the deer stayed out of range.

Can't wait for opening morning in November!! This was last years opener. I shot a big doe and basically helped recover and drag these bucks out the rest of the day. I have shot a deer 5 years in a row now (only been deer hunting for 5 years), but I haven't shot a buck since my first deer which was a big 8 pointer. Hopefully this year I can bag another buck!

Now it's time to turn to Turkeys, Pheasants and small game!


  1. Congrats! That 10 pointer is a pig in that last picture!

  2. Hey hopefully we can do it again this year. Also with you getting buck. I promise to help drag it.

  3. We are even now you dragged my buck out a couple years ago and I helped with yours last year.