Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday Squirrel Hunting

Went out early Sunday Morning with my Cousin Martin looking for squirrels and possibly a turkey. This is my cousin Martin's first year hunting so I figured the best way to teach someone how to hunt is by starting with bushy tails. Most of us learned how to hunt by still hunting and two stepping the woods for squirrels. Doesn't matter what you are hunting if you learn the basics of animal movements how to read the woods and understand bedding areas, feeding areas and travel corridors you will be successful. The section of woods we were hunting today is a large deep valley with mature hardwoods. This area is loaded with squirrels,rabbits/pheasants on the edges turkey and deer. Martin was getting the hang of things and walking at a good pace and taking a seat on a log or boulder and waiting a good 20-30 minutes before walking another 30 yards. Needless to say he is learning pretty fast! He got his limit of nice squirrels in about 2 hours of walking. Martin is still using a 12 gauge for now, but I am going to have him switch to a .22 here soon. I just want him to have some early success so he won't get too frustrated.
This trip was also a deer scouting trip for me and I found a new place to hang a stand. Deer sign everywhere! We also saw about 6-7 deer during the morning. The turkeys were only heard and not seen.

This weekend I will either pheasant or turkey hunt with the other option chasing some Coho's on the Lake Michigan Tribs.

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