Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wait til you see the size of this rainbow...........

Well I didn't make it out this weekend since the storms were totally pounding the area I was planning on fishing.
I did make it out for a quick trip today and wait until you see the size of the rainbow I caught. I have never caught a rainbow out of this creek before and they haven't been stocked there in several years.

Let's just say the fish will be on the wall. Got one good picture that I will post here in the next couple days.

Other than that............... I haven't been trout fishing in some time. Muskies have been on my mind catching some smaller fish (22-28) at night and we have been having some MONSTERS rise and follow. Water temps are now too high for muskies so I will have to wait until fall again to chase them.


  1. Mike,

    I'm planning a fall trip up to the Lake Superior Tribs to chase steelhead and salmon. I know you've had some success up there in the past on a few rivers. Would you mind emailing me to discuss?

    Tom Anderson-Brown
    seekingtrout at gmail dot com

  2. For sure Tom I will send you an email this weekend. I will review my notes and find out where I was accessing the rivers and streams. We are looking into doing a grouse/salmon trip up there this fall as well.

    I also will be uploading the photo of the monster Rainbow I caught soon. Work has been super busy lately!!

  3. Mike,
    I'm planning a Superior Trib trip this October. Got any info on Steelheading locations up there?