Friday, July 29, 2011

Elk being reintroduced to Jackson County?

Plans to reintroduce Elk into the 68000 acres Black River State Forest were put on hold since 2001. Now talks are starting up again and it appears the central part of the state will get it's own Elk Herd.
Plans are to bring in 50-60 additional Elk from Alberta and split the animals (Clam Lake Herd and Black River Herd).
Jackson County is located in the Central Forest and has a large amount of suitable land for this native species to thrive again. I deer hunt in the area and I absolutely love this idea!! Here is a article from the Lacrosse Tribute. I also posted some information about the Clam Lake Elk Herd.

Black River Elk

Clam Lake Herd

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  1. very cool, i think it would be awesome if we could bump into some elk close to home...