Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Rapala Ultra Lite Series

Check out these great new lures coming from Rapala. I had to pick a couple up today when I saw them. They look like a hybrid of the x-rap and husky jerk and comes in 1.5/2.5 inch baits. Great patterns offered I picked up brown trout and rainbow trout patterns today. Nice heavy lure in a small package should allow for great casting.

They also have a shad rap style in smaller sizes and lipless crank baits. Great presentation to change things up!

The brown trout pattern looks like a sure thing!

Check them out here,default,pd.html


  1. Your blog is awesome and I have gained alot of knowledge on the driftless area and the techniques used to fish it. I am from south central WI (Columbia) and am planning some trips to that area. Was wondering if you have ever come up to Columbia County and fished some of our streams? If so how did you do?

  2. Jiggin,

    Thanks for following! I have fished Columbia County many times (Rocky Run, Rowley, Rowan and Spring Creeks). Have done well on browns and brookies with a couple of stocked rainbows.

    How have you done?